Cabo Wabo is a world-renowned nightclub and restaurant located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Established in 1990 by legendary rocker Sammy Hagar, Cabo Wabo has become one of the most iconic destinations for tourists and locals alike. With its vibrant atmosphere, delicious food, and top-notch entertainment, Cabo Wabo has something to offer everyone.

The Atmosphere

As soon as you step inside Cabo Wabo, you are immediately transported into a world of excitement and energy. The vibrant colors and eclectic decor create a lively and fun atmosphere that is perfect for a night out on the town. Whether you want to dance the night away or simply enjoy a delicious meal with friends, Cabo Wabo has it all.

The Food

One of the main draws of Cabo Wabo is its delicious food. The menu boasts a variety of mouth-watering dishes that are sure to please even the most discerning palate. From classic Mexican cuisine to American favorites, there is something for everyone at Cabo Wabo. And of course, no visit to Cabo Wabo would be complete without trying one of their famous margaritas.

The Entertainment

In addition to its delicious food and lively atmosphere, Cabo Wabo is also known for its top-notch entertainment. With live music performances from some of the biggest names in the industry, Cabo Wabo is the perfect place to catch a show and let loose. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot Sammy Hagar himself!

The History

Cabo Wabo is not just a nightclub and restaurant, it is also a piece of music history. Sammy Hagar originally opened the establishment as a way to celebrate his love for music and tequila. Over the years, Cabo Wabo has become a destination for musicians and music fans from all over the world. From Van Halen to Metallica, some of the biggest names in rock have graced the stage at Cabo Wabo.


In conclusion, Cabo Wabo is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Cabo San Lucas. With its vibrant atmosphere, delicious food, top-notch entertainment, and rich history, Cabo Wabo truly has something for everyone. Whether you’re a music lover or simply looking for a fun night out, you won’t be disappointed by a visit to this iconic establishment. So what are you waiting for? Grab some friends, head to Cabo Wabo, and let the good times roll!


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