A Step-by-Step Guide to Objecting to a Planning Permission under WABO

Understanding the Process

So, you’ve found out about a planning permission application that you believe will negatively impact your neighborhood. Don’t worry, you have the right to voice your concerns and potentially challenge this decision. The first step is to understand the process of objecting to a planning permission under the WABO (Wet Algemene Bepalingen Omgevingsrecht) in the Netherlands.

Reviewing the Application

Before you can formally object, it’s crucial to review the planning permission application in detail. Look for any aspects that you believe violate regulations or could harm the local environment or community. Take note of specific points that you can later use to support your objection.

Preparing Your Objection

Once you’ve identified the reasons for your objection, it’s time to prepare a well-structured argument. Clearly outline your concerns, providing evidence and relevant facts to support your case. Make sure your objection is concise, articulate, and addresses the key issues at hand.

Submitting Your Objection

When you’re satisfied with your objection statement, submit it to the appropriate authority within the specified timeframe. Ensure that you follow all the required procedures and include any supporting documents or evidence that strengthen your argument. Remember, a well-presented objection is more likely to be taken seriously.


In conclusion, objecting to a planning permission under WABO is a process that requires careful consideration and preparation. By understanding the steps involved, reviewing the application thoroughly, preparing a strong objection, and submitting it effectively, you can increase the chances of your concerns being heard and taken into account. Remember, your voice matters in shaping the development of your community.


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